Edge X-3 Mid Rail Gantry Waterjet Cutting Machine



with Aquavision DI Controller

The Edge X-3 Mid Rail Gantry 3-axis water jet cutter is the no-nonsense workhorse of the Jet Edge line. Its 3-axis cutting capabilities excel at high-speed waterjet cutting and abrasivejet cutting and offers a slew of customization options. Paired with a Jet Edge HERO Series UHP Pump you have a committed cutting team!

  • Isolated catch tank for accuracy
  • Cut with water or abrasive
  • Multiple Configuration Options including independently programmable Dual Z Carriages
  • Adjustable pre-loaded anti-backlash recirculating ball screws
  • Linear bearings, hardened precision ground ways
  • Protected critical bearing components with labyrinth seals and positive air pressure
  • Direct-couple, AC brushless servo motors with absolute encoders
  • Technical service and free lifetime factory training



  • Aquavision DI fully networkable, industrial PC controller
  • IGEMS CAD/CAM programming software
  • 3-axis waterjet or abrasivejet cutting with motorized Z carriage for 12″ (304 mm) vertical travel height
  • Full visibility and access to machine code
  • Isolated catch tank for high precision cutting
  • Full-featured hand-held pendant
  • Precision ball screws directly coupled to servo motors
  • ±0.001″ linear positional accuracy over 12″ (304 mm) per axis
  • ±0.001″ repeatability (bidirectional)
  • ±0.003″ renishaw ballbar tests of squareness and straightness over 24″ (608 mm)
  • Factory set ranges of 500–750 IPM rapid positioning based upon application


  • Waterjet or Abrasive Waterjet cutting heads
  • Servo driven Z carriage for vertical travel height control
  • Optional Z carriage with 18″ vertical travel
  • Upgradeable to the Edge Dual Carriage with independently programmable secondary Z carriage
  • IGEMS Nesting Software with common line cut capabilities
  • Lights-out cutting package for unattended operation
  • High pressure water and abrasive delivery monitors
  • Laser surface mapping
  • Contact height sensor
  • Dual Mini Hoppers for quick garnet changeover
  • Noise reduction with underwater cutting options
  • Stainless steel catcher tank and slat kits
  • Splash shields
  • Light curtains


  • 1-year or 2,000-hour warranty
  • Extended warranties available