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At one time, the global go-to information source was the Encyclopedia Britannica. This aggregated a vast array of information in bound copies that were first published in 1768 and last printed in 2012.  In 2001, Wikipedia was introduced as an online alternative.  While the open format has been lauded for allowing users to populate the definitions, it has also been criticized as sometimes being incomplete and even inaccurate.

While Jet Edge would never claim to hold the vast knowledge of “All Things” in its vaults, we do know quite a bit about waterjet cutting we would like to share.


Waterjet Cutting Defined

In its simplest form, waterjet cutting is a process used in an incredibly broad set of applications and industries. Technically, an incoming water stream is directed to an Ultra High Pressure pump and elevated to pressures exceeding 60,000psi.  The water stream is routed from the pump, through high pressure lines, to a cutting head.  A cutting head utilizes an orifice and nozzle to focus the water stream into a fine stream for cutting.

This cutting head can be mounted to different cutting systems, including tables, robotic arms, fixed slitting lines and more. Hence how the pump and cutting head are configured offer many custom configurations for cutting.

With Abrasive Waterjet Cutting, an abrasive (usually garnet) is introduced into the water stream at the nozzle point. The additional abrasion introduced, allows materials such as stainless steel, titanium, glass, stone, aluminum block and a whole host of other products to be cut.


Learning More about Waterjet Cutting

When first exploring the use and maintenance of water jet cutting systems, it’s normal to have a ton of questions. However, even the most experienced operators may benefit from reminders on best practice.  To facility this learning, we’ve curated some of the  best practices from our decades of experience and made them available online at JetEdgeWaterJets.com.  Whether this is your first experience with water jet cutting machines or if you have been using them for some time, visit our Resource Center and Technology pages to refresh some best practice concepts and insight on how to optimize the cutting process unique to your application.


Resource Types Offered at JetEdgeWaterJets.com

  1. Waterjet Technology – The Waterjet Technology pages provide a library of specific abrasive and water jet application examples. Learn about Mid Rails versus High Rails and see which one best suits your needs.  Explore how others have optimized their 3-axis cutting and  5-axis cutting systems for maximum quality and productivity.  Also see some  unique custom application examples for water jetting your parts.
  2. Custom Configuration Considerations – Many users have unique waterjet cutting goals. These waterjet systems can be custom configured and optimized around a specific cutting or cleaning process.  Learn how Jet Edge has worked with others to design a system that meets your quality and efficiency goals.
  3. Pump Technology – Learn more about pump selection and the importance of water qualityVisual management and predictive maintenance are combined with the HERO Series, Jet Smart controls.
  4. Test Cuts/Engineering Analysis – When you are not sure if waterjet cutting is right for you, a Test Cut that evaluates speed, accuracy and cut quality is often a critical step.  When you request a full application analysis on your specific cutting and cleaning needs, we dial in the cut parameters and provide samples to confirm conformance.
  5. Blogs – Are you curious on what materials can be cut by water, the difference between 3 axis cutting and 5 axis cutting or have you ever wondered how the Aerospace industry cuts?   Visit our expansive library of blogs.  Learn about configuration, application, maintenance, and more to ensure you are getting the most out of your systems.  This is a site you will want to visit often as it is continually expanding!
  6. Case Studies – It has been proven over and over, the fastest way to learn is to imitate those that are successful! Visualize how others have successfully implemented water jet cutting into their businesses and see video of equipment running.
  7. Maintenance Training Classes– Once you buy your Jet Edge equipment, the relationship is just starting.  We offer factory training classes at no charge at various times throughout the year.  You can see scheduled dates and register online.
  8. Maintenance Videos – While Jet Edge provides 24 hour/7days per week live telephone support, a picture is worth a thousand words. See the Maintenance Training videos offered for real time training at your convenience.
  9. Order Parts Online – Visit the E-Commerce Store, exclusive to Jet Edge Equipment users, built for you! View parts schematics to identify required components, access online only promotional opportunities, view order history, create and save lists for easy referencing, make purchases with your Jet Edge credit line, and access the parts store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  10. My Equipment – Jet Edge has launched its “My Equipment” feature in its Online Store.  Once you are set up, with a click of a button, you can now access all the Operating Manuals, Parts Lists, and related accessory detail for the equipment that you installed on your shop floor! See the parts that are specific to the pump, motion system and accessories that were installed and never order the wrong part again.
  11. Choice WaterJet Parts – Jet Edge has a sister! – If you are running some non-Jet Edge equipment, visit our sister company Choice WaterJet Parts to view aftermarket OEM and Equivalent parts on all major equipment providers.


Thanks for Visiting!

Of course, like every web page, you can review the specifications, standard features and optional configurations of all Jet Edge Waterjet Motion Systems and Ultra High Pressure Pumps.  But there is so much more!  Check out all of the resources and information available online.  To begin, you might start at our Resource Center  and view some of the ways Jet Edge supports the waterjet industry and its users.

To view a summary of  the many topics available on waterjet cutting from Jet Edge and others, check out this recent blog “Our Internet Guide to All Things Water Jet Cutting”.