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High Pressure Pump Chiller

Jet Edge’s High Pressure Pump Chillers are the perfect match to your high-pressure intensifier pump. The chiller cools the hydraulics of the pump while the closed loop system continuously chills and recycles the water without discharging to the drain. The cooler water temperature improves pump performance and maximizes seal life. The range of units allows you to select the right chiller size for your pump and environment.

In-Line Waterjet Chiller

In-Line Chillers, used in conjunction with the Closed Loop Filtration System, cool treated water and return it to the high-pressure pumps at the recommended temperature. The chillers utilize durable, welded hermetic-scroll compressors and are equipped with digital temperature controllers. Models include a vertical air discharge which minimizes worker discomfort, reduces floor space requirements, and improves the ease of ducting air flow.

Closed Loop Filtration System

Jet Edge’s eco-friendly Closed Loop Filtration System reduces water and sewage costs, prevents the introduction of hazardous materials into drainage systems, and eliminates the need for a drain. The waterjet table overflows into a settling weir and the used garnet is settled out before entering the filtration system. The clean water is sent through an In-Line Chiller (sold separately) to remove the heat from the machining process. Clean and chilled water is delivered back to the high-pressure pump.

iP36-80DS Diesel Waterjet Pump

Built with the waterjet contractor in mind, Jet Edge’s diesel-powered waterjet intensifier pumps are built for years of dependable service in harsh and remote environments. The IP36-80DS features an 80 hp Cummins, Tier 3 certified diesel engine and a pump rated at 36,000 psi (2,500 bar). Experienced waterjet contractors prefer Jet Edge durability for remote cutting.

Penumatic Lance Waterjetting Tool

Jet Edge’s Pneumatic Lance is a powerful 55,000 psi (3800 bar) hand-held waterjetting tool for cleaning and surface preparation applications. The ergonomically designed Pneumatic Lance uses pneumatic triggers to turn the UHP water on and off. A remote UHP water control assembly (tumble box) provides a freestanding interface between the Pneumatic Lance and the air and water supply equipment. The tumble box includes an air valve to detect when the triggers are pressed and an ultra high pressure water control valve to control the flow of UHP water.

Hydraulic Versacutter Waterjet System

Jet Edge’s Hydraulic Versacutter is a portable abrasivejet cutting system. Rigid or flexible tracks allow the Hydraulic Versacutter to operate on flat surfaces. The system is used in a variety of cutting applications including pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. It is especially suited for cutting in hazardous zones where flames and heat are restricted.