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Spyder Abrasivejet Linear and Pipe Cutting System

Jet Edge’s Spyder Abrasivejet Cutting System is a portable linear and pipe cutting system designed for use in remote and/or potentially hazardous environments. It is ideal for cutting pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. The Spyder is a pneumatically controlled mobile waterjet system that moves along rigid, flexible or pipe tracks. Its abrasivejet cutting head can be angled for beveling cuts. An optional radius/circle fixture can be added for increased versatility.

Ultra Lite Lance Mobile Waterjetting tool

Jet Edge’s Ultra Lite Lance is a powerful 36,000 psi (2500 bar) hand-held ultra-high pressure waterjet tool for cutting, stripping, cleaning and controlled surface demolition applications.

The Ultra Lite Lance quickly and easily removes corrosion, spray residue, soluble salt, chemicals, and surface damage prior to re-coating or painting. The system eliminates hazardous airborne dust contamination, making it an eco-friendly alternative to sandblasting. The Ultra Lite Lance also can perform hand-held cutting of softer materials such as cutting off pipe insulation or thick layers of paint or coatings. When cutting metals or other hard materials, it must be mounted to a tripod or other support mechanism and an abrasive head must be added.