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Digital Readout for Multi-Head Positioning



Monitor Performance in Real Time

The Digital Readout for Multi Head Positioning digitally displays waterjet cutting head positions, eliminating manual measurement.

Permalign V-Series Mini Hopper



Quickly Adjust Garnet Flow

The variable aperture Permalign® V-Series Mini Hopper increases abrasive waterjet cutting productivity and profitability by allowing waterjet operators to easily make adjustments to abrasive flow, minimizing abrasive consumption. Its water resistant design helps prevent abrasive clogs that can cause stoppages and scrap out expensive material.

  • Infinite adjustment between .10 and 2 pounds per minute (45.4-907 gpm)
  • Water resistant
  • Improved venting of excess abrasive
  • Built for the harsh abrasivejet environment

Contact Height Sensor



Overcome Fluctuations in Material Flatness

Jet Edge’s Contact Height Sensor contacts the work piece and senses nozzle height to assure consistent cut quality and optimum speed. The sensor arm can either ride on the plate or have infinite programming for the time it is in contact and raised. Jet Edge’s AquaVision® Di controller software also provides feature avoidance for the Contact Height Sensor. This protects the height sensor and cutting head by automatically providing a tool path that will not allow the cutting head to pass over a previously cut part which can tip up after being cut.

  • Linear Potentiometer
  • Double-acting pneumatic cylinder 2 inch (50 mm) stroke
  • Contact force 2 lbf (0.9 kg)
  • Feature avoidance

In-Line Waterjet Chiller



The Workhorse Chiller

In-Line Chillers, used in conjunction with the Closed Loop Filtration System, cool treated water and return it to the high-pressure pumps at the recommended temperature. The chillers utilize durable, welded hermetic-scroll compressors and are equipped with digital temperature controllers. Models include a vertical air discharge which minimizes worker discomfort, reduces floor space requirements, and improves the ease of ducting air flow.

  • Available in 36,000-240,000 BTU
  • Small footprint with vertical air discharge
  • Up to 60 gallons per minute flow rate
  • Eliminates need for a drain

Waterjet Abrasive Removal System



Reduces Downtime and Catch Tank Maintenance

Jet Edge’s Abrasive Removal System reduces downtime and catch tank maintenance, making your application a cut above the rest. The system removes spent garnet abrasive and the self-dumping hopper receives the sludge so the clean water can be returned to the catch tank. No more manually removing abrasive from your tank—let a Jet Edge Abrasive Removal System do the work.

  • Removes spent garnet from catch tank
  • Multiple system configuration options to match your output
  • Reduces possible thermal distortion
  • System can be retrofitted to any waterjet cutting machine tool

Permalign® II Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head



Designed for Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

The patented design of the Permalign® Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head ensures consistent alignment of the waterjet stream and abrasive nozzle without additional adjustments and reduces the number of components, minimizing overall maintenance and operational costs. When used with the OmniJet, is rated for pressures up to 60,000 psi (4,100 bar), orifice sizes ranging from .003 to .020 inches (0.076-.51 mm), and nozzle sizes from .020 to .065 inches ID (0.51-1.651 mm).

  • Cutting head length 10 in-16.5 in (254-419 mm)
  • Operating water pressure maximum 60,000 psi (4,100 bar)
  • Orifice range 0.003-0.020 in (0.076-.51 mm)
  • Maximum flow rate 2.1 gpm (7.9 lpm)

High Pressure Pump Chiller



The Dynamic Chiller

Jet Edge’s High Pressure Pump Chillers are the perfect match to your high-pressure intensifier pump. The chiller cools the hydraulics of the pump while the closed loop system continuously chills and recycles the water without discharging to the drain. The cooler water temperature improves pump performance and maximizes seal life. The range of units allows you to select the right chiller size for your pump and environment.

  • Available in 36,000-240,000 BTU
  • Up to 60 gallons per minute flow rate at 35 PSI
  • High-efficiency 3-phase electric motor
  • Digital temperature controller

Pneumatic Drill for Waterjet Cutting Systems



Pre-piercing of holes for All Waterjet Cutting Systems

The pneumatic drill adds additional efficiency by allowing for quick piercing, reaming, and tapping without moving the work piece. The drill can be adapted to all waterjet systems. Standard features such as hydraulic feed, exhaust collector, PLC interface module, built-in soft start and remote advance/retract porting make this a valuable addition.

  • Free running rpm of 3,300/drills 2” material maximum
  • Hydraulic feed control unit
  • Built-in soft start
  • Anti-drop mechanism

Permalign® xP Abrasivejet Cutting Head



Designed for Aggressive Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

The Permalign XP Cutting Head is designed to be used with the OmniJet XP to optimize performance and reliability. The cutting head is rated for pressures up to 75,000 psi (5,170 bar), orifice sizes range from 0.003-0.023 in (0.076-0.58 mm) and nozzle sizes from 0.020- 0.065 in (0.51-1.65 mm) ID. This combination handles small, intricate cuts as well as thick bevel cuts requiring higher abrasive and water flow rates.

  • Cutting head length 10.0-14.0 in (254-356 mm)
  • Operating water pressure maximum 75,000 psi (5,170 bar)
  • Orifice range 0.003-0.023 in (0.076-.58 mm)
  • Consistent alignment without adjustments

OmniJet III Waterjet Cutting Head



Designed for All Waterjet Cutting Applications

The OmniJet Waterjet Cutting Head’s lightweight and compact size offers versatility in multi-directional water jet cutting applications. It is designed and tested for pressures up to 60,000 psi and orifice sizes ranging from .003 to .020 inches. The cutting head has a fail-safe valve design and the orifices are pre-mounted in a set-screw style retainer making them easy to change with an Allen wrench. The OmniJet has been rigorously tested under high-duty cycle conditions.

  • Cutting head length 8.88-10.54 in (22.4-26.7 cm)
  • Operating water pressure maximum 60,000 psi (4100 bar)
  • Orifice range 0.003-0.045 in (0.076-1.1 mm)
  • Multi-directional cutting applications with various mounting options

OmniJet xP Waterjet Cutting Head



Rated for Pressures up to 85,000 psi

The OmniJet XP is designed and tested for pressures up to 85,000 psi (5,900 bar) and orifice sizes ranging from 0.003-0.045 in (0.07621.14 mm). The high pressure cutting head stabilizes the water stream prior to entering the orifice. The pressure rating makes it perfect for cutting thick materials at high pressure.

  • Cutting head length 10.25 in (260 mm)
  • Operating water pressure maximum 85,000 psi (5,900 bar)
  • Orifice range 0.003-0.045 in (0.076-1.1 mm)
  • Multi-directional cutting applications with various mounting options

High Flow Abrasivejet Cutting Head



Designed with the Contractor in Mind

Jet Edge’s High Flow Abrasivejet supports an abrasive flow of up to 3.5 lbs/minute (1.59 kg/min) and is capable of delivering up to 7.2 gpm (27.3 L/min) of ultra-high pressure water. It is ideal for cutting thicker materials such as reinforced concrete walls or for separation cutting of steel plate or pipes.

  • Nozzle Length 4 in (102 mm)
  • Water Flow Rate 7.2 gpm (27.3 lpm)
  • Orifice range 0.023-0.042 in (0.058-1 mm)
  • Operating water pressure 55,000 psi (3,800 bar) max

Aquavision® DI Motion Controller for Jet Edge Systems



For Mid and High Rail Gantry Waterjets

The Aquavision® Di guides users through the process from job set-up to production. It is fully networkable, allowing part programs to be generated offline and easily transferred to the system’s hard drive for production. The rugged construction protects the controller and hosts extensive cutting and user interface features.

  • Real time diameter/kerf compensation
  • High-speed cornering
  • Single parts, mirroring, rotation, plate alignment
  • Backup along entire program path with real-time part trace

Waterjet Dual Pressure Valve



Designed for Waterjet Motion Systems & Pumps

Jet Edge’s patented Dual Pressure Valve is a remotely mounted valve that allows waterjet operators to control water pressure independently of the intensifier pump. This enables operators to run a number of tables or cutting stations at various pressures.

In low-pressure piercing applications, the Dual Pressure Valve can increase productivity by allowing operators to reduce and raise water pressure without having to wait for the intensifier pump to drop to the lower pressure or rise to the higher pressure. The Jet Edge Dual Pressure Valve will operate with any manufacturer’s waterjet pump, cutting head, or cutting system, and is fully configurable for pressure change ratios.

  • Patented design
  • Connection points are standard 60,000 psi-type
  • Pneumatically operated
  • • Adaptable to any manufacturers pump, cutting heads or cutting systems

Robotic Waterjet Swivel



Designed for Coatings Removal and Surface Preparation

Jet Edge’s Robotic Swivel directs ultra-high pressure (UHP) water through a rotating manifold containing sapphire orifices or fan tip apertures to produce a concentrated water stream. Water pressure is regulated by adjusting the output of the UHP pump and water flow is regulated by the quantity and size of orifices used. Typical applications include preparation for recoating or repainting, stripping corrosion, coating overspray, paint scale, rust, parts cleaning and degreasing, part carrier cleaning, mold release residue, and much more.

  • Cutting head length with OmniJet & Manifold 20.25 in (51.4 cm)
  • Operating water pressure maximum 55,000 psi (3,800 bar)
  • 1,500 rpm rotation speed
  • Pneumatic motor drives high speed swivel

Closed Loop Filtration System



The Resourceful Economizer

Jet Edge’s eco-friendly Closed Loop Filtration System reduces water and sewage costs, prevents the introduction of hazardous materials into drainage systems, and eliminates the need for a drain. The waterjet table overflows into a settling weir and the used garnet is settled out before entering the filtration system. The clean water is sent through an In-Line Chiller (sold separately) to remove the heat from the machining process. Clean and chilled water is delivered back to the high-pressure pump.

  • Drastically reduces water consumption
  • Treats make-up water to OEM specifications
  • Maximizes pump performance
  • ISO 14001 mandatory system